Dory boats are a flat bottom boat that are capable of launching from and landing on the beach. Dory boats can be found in other areas, but a large dory group is based right on the Oregon Coast in Pacific City, OR. The dory fleet today is composed of commercial, sport charter, and individual fisherman. Each spring the Dorymen’s Association holds a blessing of the fleet. This is where they bless all the dory boats. The Dorymen’s Association also holds a festival called Dory Days. Each year there is a different theme and dory boats are decorated to correspond with the theme for the Dory Days Parade. This festival is held in July each year.

Joey Rocha is the owner of Rocha’s Dory Charter, formally known as Eagle Charters. Joey is one of many boats that are based in Pacific City, OR. Since Joey was about five years old, he has been taking dory boats out fishing with his dad and friends. Later on Joey’s family purchased a dory boat, but were not yet chartering at that time. After high school, Joey went to Dutch Harbor, Alaska and worked on the boat the Siberian Sea, 133 foot long liner, for Aleutian Spray Fisheries. He worked for them for about a year before he returned home.

After returning home, Joey started working for a charter company called Eagle Charters as their captain the following summer. Not very long after, Joey knew that this was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He ended up buying Eagle Charters after the summer run. Joey’s family helped get his dream started. About a year after that Joey met his now wife, Taylor, who is a 5th grade teacher. We decided to take the business in a different direction. It took a couple years, but we have changed the name of Eagle Charters to Rocha’s Dory Charter to better represent our family. We are a family ran business that strives to give everyone the best dory fishing experience and fun time for the whole family.